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Tophat Soccer Club



The Tophat Soccer Club traces its beginning back to the Spring of 1982, when the original Under-12 Tophatters were formed at Atlanta's Northside YMCA. The team name was taken from Cy Strickler's Navy Fighter Squadron, VF-14. The Fighting Fourteen "Tophatters" are the Navy's oldest active squadron and have a history filled with pride and excellence. Many of our players have seen the "Big Top Hat" in the Navy display of the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. See VF-14's web site.


Some of the highlights of our history are as follows:

• 1982 - Original U-12 Tophatters form at Northside YMCA.

• 1983 - Tophatters split into two teams.

• 1984 - Older team of U-19 Tophatters added.

• 1985 - First field at Tophat facility developed, for girls only.  First trip to WAGS Tournament.

• 1986 - Club has expanded to fourteen teams.  Tophatters win first State Championship, Regionals in Dallas, TX.

• 1987 - Tophatters win first WAGS Championship (U-15).

• 1988 - Second field built at Tophat facility.  The "Big Tophat Hat Trick" - Three State Champions, Regionals in Tulsa, OK.

• 1989 - Regional Runner-up (U-12).

• 1990 - Three State Champions, Regionals in Memphis, TN.

• 1991 - Region III Champions and USYSA Nationals Final Four (U-16).

• 1992 - Third field built at Tophat facility.  Three State Champions, Regionals in Greensboro, NC.

• 1993 - Three State Champions, Regionals in Houston, TX. Regional Third Place (U-12 Tophat 00 Gold).

• 1994 - Capital Fund Drive provides Tophat with a permanent home on Fairfield Rd.

• 1995 - Three State Champions travel to Greenville, SC. Regional Third Place (U-14 Tophat 99 Gold).

• 1997 - Five Tophat State Champions - U14 Tophat 01 Gold, U15 Tophat 00 Gold, U16 Tophat 99 Gold, U17 Tophat 98 Gold, U18 Tophat 97       Gold. Region tournament at Greensboro NC - Tophat 97 Gold Region Finalist.

• 1998 - Five Tophat Teams State Champions - U15 Tophat 01 Gold, U16 Tophat 00 Gold, U17 Tophat 99 Gold, U18 Tophat 98 Gold, U19      Tophat 97 Gold. Three Tophat Teams USYSA Region III Champions - U17 Tophat 99 Gold, U18 Tophat 98 Gold, U19 Tophat 97 Gold.