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Tryout FAQ's

The Tophat Soccer Club is for recreational girl players only from 5 and under to 19 and under.  All select team tryouts are handled by our affiliate NTH (NASA/Tophat).   To participate in tryouts, you must first register for the tryout at (no cost).  All necessary information (date, time, etc.) will be shown on the NTH-Tophat website.  Select team tryouts begin at the end of May.  

Note:  Special in-house tryouts are conducted for the 7U Little Hatters (Red Shorts) at the end of their spring season.  More detailed information is available under the "Tryout" tab.

Q: Are tryouts open to all girls?

A: Yes, tryouts for each team are open to all girls of the correct age.

Q: What travel obligations will we have?

A: Each team's coach outlines a training and competitive schedule at the beginning of the seasonal year. There are some required events for, but, outside of this, each coach, working with a team manager, parents, and players, will organize an annual plan for the team. See the coach at tryouts to evaluate the basic plan for the team.

Q: My daughter wants to tryout for a select team. Does she have to attend all tryout dates? There are two other clubs she likes. If she comes to three NTH tryout days, how can she tryout for at least one other team? - Mom

A: The public tryout dates are important because they give your player the best opportunity to be seen playing with the current team or the core portion of the current team that will continue in the year ahead. Each year at tryouts, there are some players who arrive during the week following the public tryout and, in some cases, these players train with the team and eventually join these teams. This is a little less advantageous because some decisions might already have been made, and, secondly, some players from the core team may have headed out for after school summer vacation activity.

Q: So what can I do about it now, before NTH can call?

A: For all but Academy levels levels, you could email the coaches you are interested in and ask them to come watch your player in any remaining league play or Memorial Day tournament play. You would want to provide them with your player's name, date of birth, team, shirt number, grade in school, and name of current team and coach. By making known your interest, you may get one or two of the potential coaches to come see your player, enabling them to give you a better idea on contact day whether or not they can offer a role for your player with their team. Academy rules do not allow this.

Q: What about on or after the date when contact is allowed?

A: On contact day, you can certainly call the coaches and talk with them about their tryouts and discuss your player's interests with them. If they have read your email or had the chance to see your player, you may get useful feedback then. Stay after the first tryout date with any team, greet the coach and find out how your player stands. If it's not looking good, then you can certainly let the coach know that you are still interested but have to move on.If the news is good, stay.

Q: How soon will my daughter start with her new team?

A: Technically, players are bound to their old teams until 31 August, even after their tryout.  In practice, most players and families prefer to move on to their new team immediately where possible. Generally, players will be able to start training with their new team right away.

Q: Which team does my daughter tryout for?

A: All players will tryout for the teams that correspond to the calendar year of their birth.